Reality Transurfing: Tailoring your military-to-civilian career

Today I answer questions in regards to anything from filling out an application all the way to landing the job interviewing and how to get promoted. A couple of veterans asked me questions in regards to their age. Being a specialist who used to deal a lot with the military I want to give you a piece of advice I shared with them before.

And lately I’ve had some interactions with a few veterans who have retired from the military, and they’re concerned about their age, and they’re concerned about being able to find a job. Another job in there on what we call the encore career, and they’re thinking that the millennial, younger people will be more qualified than they are. And so I told to these veterans is that we’re going to do is to work on their resume to highlight the skills that they had from the military.

You can hire a resume writer. There is even a separate service, so- called military to civilian resume writing services, which specializes in writing and taloring resumes for military professions. These specialists are people who can make your resume from scratch. So that you can give yourself a boost on the competition of the younger workers by having a knock out resume and tailoring it specific to the job that you are applying for. That make you look like a perfect match for their company.

Transferring you military background into civilian world skills set

Both of these ex-military guys retired, they were in for several years. Actually, one veteran was in for closer to 20 years and the other one was in closer to four or five years. But there’s a big difference, they still both attained a ton of skills, that they can transfer over to the civilian world.

And so what I told them to do is align some keywords in their resumes with keywords in the actual job description. But for every job that you plan to apply for you should be doing a new resume. It’s a lot of work but think about it, it’s worth of it in the end, if It helps you land a job, rather than being unemployed.

It depends on your situation obviously. So what you have to do is skillfully take keywords from what you did. For example, one of these veteran was a captain in the army, he was over a group of people. So there he has supervisory skills, he has managerial skills and it shows that he has leadership skills, because he was over a number of people.

And what you do is according to the Job Description? You tailored that to fit. You tell your leadership skills that you required and you put that in a quantifiable form on description on your resume.

So let’s say, that this particular former military army captain had ten people on his team that are in his department and what he would stay in or in the regards to the job at that he led a team of ten squad mates. He was states the goal, and he was states the ending result. So you always make it looks positive, always make sure, that you have numbers in your description. So you’re tailoring your resumes and also put in the results that you obtained and it should be positive.

It’ll be positive results, that’s a way to show that your skills from the military translate over to the civilian world and you don’t have to worry about age, just to make sure that you have a knock out resume.

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