5 ways to reach salary

Define a budget

This tip is not very relevant for those who have already spent everything. Nevertheless, holiday spending is a predictable phenomenon, so it’s worthwhile to determine in advance the amount that you are willing to spend these days. To avoid the temptation to spend more, you can defer part of the December salary to another account. It would be better to transfer part of the January spending to December, when there was still money. However, now it’s too late.

Unsubscribe from coffee shops

Walking through the winter Moscow from the metro to the office with a glass of coffee can be very pleasant. But in recent days, before the salary it is worth restricting visits to catering outlets. Remember, we wrote that the cost of a cappuccino for 200 rubles is about ten times lower? Good reason to temporarily switch to drinks from the office coffee maker.

Optimize expenses

It is worth considering how to optimize some costs. Maybe temporarily change to the subway and save on gas? View a list of paid applications and services that you are subscribed to and refuse unnecessary? This will help save more than just in January. You can reconsider spending on food: perhaps you should temporarily refrain from dessert or a chilled steak or buy less food so that you don’t have to throw it away later.

Remember bonuses

All kinds of discount cards of supermarkets, which you can’t always remember when going shopping, will also help reduce spending. Such cards are issued to encourage people to spend more, but if you take shopping carefully, you can save. It is also worth remembering about cashback on cards: depending on the bank, you can go to it in a cafe or refuel (if you have spent a lot before, you should accumulate enough points).

Use interest free period

If there is no money left at all, you will have to borrow it. Not everyone is comfortable asking parents or colleagues about this, so you can use a credit card with an interest-free refund period. The main thing is not to forget to return everything from your salary and next time to carefully plan your expenses.

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