10 motivational tips from millionaire businessmen

Offer not a product, but a feeling

Steve Jobs said that he always wanted Apple products to give consumers a feeling, not just functionality. Today, Apple is perhaps the most powerful brand on the planet. This is what I mean when I talk about brand obsession: attract with the sensations that you can offer customers, not just information and the product.

Believe in what you do

Otherwise, even if you succeed, you will be stuck in another boring job. But this time you created it yourself.

Your business will grow. Let him do it

No one can do it right the first time. Or from the second. Or from the twenty third. Think of Thomas Edison or Michael Jordan.

The market is constantly changing, and what worked in the past year may not work in this. You cannot stay on top of success if you do not develop along with the market. Do not bind yourself with one idea or an initial business plan.

Forget about Tim Ferris

If you work 4 hours a week, your business will be ten years behind. As well as the likelihood that you will miss a bunch of opportunities and become as unbearably boring as your whole life will increase.

Blog is not a business plan

Do not start a blog to make money. Keep a blog because you like to write. Keep a blog to share what you love. Not a single blogger who earns millions on his content has started writing for money and hasn’t planned anything like that. It just so happened. And it took years. Not months, but years.

You will need either a lot of time or a lot of money

Or both. Instant success does not exist.

Business is not about making money

Business is about benefits and values. If you can earn on what is personally valuable to you, you will never get tired of working.

If you want to convey to people the benefits that your business brings, money will appear as a side effect.

There is a fine line between values ​​and money. Sometimes you have to burn a ton of money to create long-term value. If money is more important to you, you will never decide on such a step.

Benefit from luck

Sometimes you will be lucky, and sometimes not. So for everyone. It makes no sense to complain or ascribe all the merits to yourself. Benefit from both.

Hire slowly, fire quickly

Cliche, but true. Especially when it comes to outsourcing. Almost every Internet entrepreneur has his own scary story about outsourcing, including mine. In short, you get exactly what you pay for.

Be prepared for existential stress

In regular work, stress is often associated with external approval – deadlines, meetings, presentations – and usually with your boss. This is a feeling of irritation, which manifests itself in the form of short but strong bursts.

When you work for yourself, you no longer need to fight for external approval. You change your external stress into an almost imperceptible, gnawing feeling that everything is on the decline and will disappear in one day.

Yes, I can wake up every day for lunch. I can work anytime. But when you work for someone, you are not haunted by the fear that one day you will come to work, and your building will not be there. An entrepreneur thinks about it every day.

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